Night shift work and cancer risk a literature review

Night shift work and cancer risk a literature review. 30, 2007 -- Working the night shift may cause cancer, according to a report published in The Lancet. In six out of ten studies, a statistically significant association between night shift work and risk of breast cancer has been shown OR = 2.2; 95% CI 1.1-4.5 in nurses in Norway with 30 years of night shift work. The increased cancer risk has been reported in nurses, radio-telephone operators, flight attendants, and women employed in the enterprises, in which 60% of employees work at night.

Night Shift Work Increases the Risks of Multiple Primary Cancers in. The report comes from a team of 44 scientists in 10 countries commissioned by the World Health Organization's International Agency on Cancer Research. A certain amount of studies 17 out of 67 were based on nursing group which was an important part of female shift workers and a stratified analysis revealed that night shift work increased the risk of breast cancer, lung cancer and digestive system cancer in female nurses.

Higher Cancer Risks for Night Shift Workers Baseline of Health They report "limited" evidence of a connection between cancer and night shift work in people. Jan 23, 2018 Women employed on night shifts for a longer duration of time had a 41 percent increase in their risk for skin cancer, a 32 percent increase in breast cancer risk, and an 18 percent increased risk of all cancers of the digestive system. Shorter stints on a night shift do not appear to be as dangerous as long-term nighttime work.

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