How to write 21st in words

How do you write 21 in words - Answers When writing about the first two decades of a century, it’s probably best to be a little wordy for the sake of clarity. This is best written as 1021, since it is such a large number. If you want to write it out, write a one, followed by 21 zeroes. This is best written as 1021, since it is such a large number. If you want to write it out, write a one, followed by 21 zeroes.

St, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Ordinal Numbers How to Spell Is the “first decade” of the 1900s 1900 to 1909, or 1900-1910? Some writers talk about the “teens” of a century, but what about the years ending in -10, -11, and -12? We need a hyphen when we write cardinal numbers from 21 upwards. Notice there's no space between the letters and hyphen twenty-one twenty-two thirty-three sixty-seven one hundred and twenty-nine one thousand two hundred and thirty-one pounds. Using a hyphen also applies to ordinal numbers from 21st. twenty-first = 21st It's her 21st on Sunday.

Writing the Century - Daily Writing Tips Another problem is that not all authors agree as to what years are included in a decade. Newspaper headline writers may also exercise freedom when writing the century New Year Rings in 21st Century Bottom line go with twenty-first century unless there is some reason not to–for example, contrary guidelines in a style manual you are required to follow.

How do you spell 21st - Answers For example, if you want to talk about the first decade of the century, you can’t write the 1900s, or the 2000s because too many readers would assume you’re referring to the entire century. The correct spelling is twenty-first. Or in numerals you write it as 21st. Asked in Beauty and the Beast What would break the spell in Beauty and the Beast?

St Birthday Quotes and Wishes, Happy Bday Greeting Card Poet For example, write “the nineties,” but “the Gay Nineties” Referring to the first two decades of a century can be tricky. Tip Use these 21st birthday quotes on birthday cards, Instagram caption, Facebook posts, emails, letters and more. 21st Birthday Quotes. 21 is when you finally grant your parents their freedom. Melanie White. You’re 21 now, so you can drink. Just think in 14 years you can become president of the United States.

Numbers 21+ How to Spell The same rule about capitalization applies to decades as to centuries: if the decade is part of a proper name or title, it will be capitalized; otherwise leave it in lowercase. You need hyphens between the numbers no spaces 20 - twenty 21 - twenty-one 22 - twenty-two 23 - twenty-three.

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